Test & Tune Weekend
$85 – 1 Day

$100 – Full Weekend

Track Days
$95 – 1 Day

$120 – Full Weekend

$10 discount for Lions members

$5 RFID tag for timing – this is included in the track day fees, not the Test & Tune


We ride on the Tanacross airfield, which is about 11 miles to the west of Tok. It is what remains of a WWII lend-lease airfield that was built in 1942, before there was even a road. The runway is owned by BLM and operated by Forestry as an occasional fire fighting base, and the village of Tanacross is nearby.

The track location is marked in Google Maps under the Alaska Sports Car Club, since they also use it.

The track is… a little rough. The pavement is what the Army laid down in the 1940s, and it shows. Surprisingly, this doesn’t pose any great problem for our riding needs. We lay out a course marked with cones that, for the most part, steer riders around the worst bits of the pavement, and the course is visibly worn into the surface. Apex cones are attached to large rubber bases so they’re less likely to be flung too far if a rider runs them over.

Gear Requirements

All riders are required to have a helmet, full leathers (2 piece is fine, zip-together is recommended), boots, and gloves. Some textiles are acceptable on approval.

Track-specific modifications to the motorcycle are not required, though please be sure there are no fluid leaks.